It all started at the age of 12 when I realized how much I enjoyed watching cookery shows. I began documenting them and decided to experiment in the kitchen. Touch wood, the first time wasn’t a disaster. My first dish was from a cookery show hosted by an Indian actress, Poonam Dhillon and it was called “Bake AalaPoonam ”. My family loved it. I guess, I've inherited this art from my mother. She's been a great source of inspiration to me. Her talent and creativity is IMMENSE and it’s remarkable to see her cooking even at the age of 76. I've always looked up to her for her zest to learn new recipes, for being innovative and cooking meals in minutes.

One of my most memorable cooking experience was when my sister and I would spend our summer vacation at my aunts place with our band wagon(cousins).We would pool in money for groceries and I would cook for them “On Demand.” It was a wonderful time spent cooking and eating together. My passion for food has not stopped ever since.

I won the cookery competition for two consecutive years during my graduation winning the 2nd prize in 1997 and 1st prize in 1998 (it was a Thali with the theme, “Unity in Diversity, representing my country, India”) On special occasions I would cook food for my friends and invite them over.

After my marriage, it’s my husband and in-laws who’ve appreciated my cooking and have always encouraged me to cook. I must say... my husband has been my biggest critic and that’s what has helped me improve over the years.

With a passion for food and versatility to adapt to tastes, cultures, diets and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce integrated with 5 years of teaching experience in an elementary school has helped provide effective classroom management, drive economic behavior and develop “Food charts” that included healthy and nutritious food for the students.

The Home Professional Program at Scafa, School of Culinary Arts and Diploma from the City and Guilds, London was unimaginable and felt more like a "Dream come true.”

There have been many occasions when my food hasn’t been great but the good part is that I’ve never given up. This amazing journey of life and the desire to have diversity in cooking is what keeps me going.


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