As children we mostly look up to our parents for inspiration listening to their success stories but my relationship with my mom is a bit different. I've seen her life filled with challenges, ,failures and yet her immense will power and courage to withstand all of it with determination made her stand out from the rest. 

She belongs to an old school of thought where home cooked food is preferred over eating out and to my surprise till date, even at the age of 75 , she makes a conscious effort to try out new recipes calling herself the "Kitchen Queen".

Despite being a teacher and a mother of three, her passion for food never took a backseat. Those days with limited cookware and domestic help, she managed to have gatherings for relatives and family friends with a big smile on her face. Cooking for 30-40 people on earthernware seemed so effortless for her. Imagine a 'Smoky Chulha' that can easily trigger you with tearful eyes on the contrary made her bring out the best of flavours in her dishes!

Although she didn't go to a culinary school, she can amaze you with her finishing skills and detailing. Her parathas, samosas and the ease at which she prepares the dough is simply out of this world! 

She held my hand for sometime but has certainly touched my heart for a lifetime and I am truly blessed to be her daughter with the same passion for food!

Nazneen begum(Mother),Retired teacher
Kendriya Vidhyalaya, NAL