24X7 Moms!

Dedicated to all our ‘Proud Home Makers’

 24x7 MOMS' 

 I moved to Dubai 5 years back from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I worked as a teacher. Since then I've been a home maker. After shifting, I was often asked by my friends and relatives if I'd started working and I'd smile and say, " No, I am a home maker just trying to settle in this new environment."

I missed working but here, I was loaded with more work . Setting up our home, kids had to settle in their new school, adapting to the new system, guests ( Dubai is known for it ), my husband had to travel frequently that kept me on my toes. Didn't realize how time flew..."phew.” I knew I had to put up a brave front because we chose this life. Dubai, a city bustling with energy and opportunities. I call it the mad city, always on the move and I am absolutely in love with it !!! 

 There was a moment when I paused and looked back asking myself this question, " am I only a home maker or was there more to it? and the answer was, yes! There was more to it. I am a 24X7 MOM!” 

 Being a Home Maker is no less than running a company. My husband is the President/CEO and I m the VP, the HR manager, an employee... you name it and I am there ready to do all the multiple tasks ! I am up early morning to make tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dropping the kids and picking them up is like a rigorous workout regime. My emails are loads of questions from my children that needs immediate reply, unlike the work place where one gets at least 24 hours to respond. I am not evaluated in quarters, my performance is judged everyday. It's a responsibility and I need to balance it all ... just like juggling balls😳

 We often have board meetings, difference of opinions and discussions on important topics like "Why did u OVERSPEND this month ? Maybe we should increase our BUDGET, reduce expenses, why was the wet towel thrown on the bed? Who threw the socks and jock on the floor? Where’s the missing book? Who’s going to eat the bigger piece? Why is the house so messy?” Blah blah! Although I am waiting to tear my hair apart, I cool down and decide to find solutions to all the issues discussed with an amicable settlement. No forecast, it's a dynamic life. Take each day as it comes! 🙂 

 Sometimes, mentoring your children to strive and achieve those targets in the assessments and report cards can be more taxing than the numbers in SALES! 

 I get a good package and I am also privileged to peek into our president's wallet and pick when I am running short . My bonus is loads of kisses and hugs from my family and its ‘PRICELESS’🙂 I don't have JOB INSECURITY because I believe a family with love, respect and bonding will stick together. We don't need REPLACEMENTS! 

 100% Job Satisfaction 🙂 

 By the end of the day after completing the homework, dinner and winding up, when I am exhausted waiting to hit the bed, I see my children rushing towards me for a goodnight hug and kiss.What an ‘ENERGY BOOSTER.’I lie down in my bed with a smile to welcome yet another ‘TOMORROW’ with great enthusiasm. 

 I still meet a lot of people who ask the same question, "Are you working ? But my answer is different now, “Yes I do” and when they ask, “Where?” I reply saying, “I am a ‘24x7 MOM.’ They smile at me and I smile back confidently. So, the next time someone asks you the same question, tell them, you're a 24x7 mom and walk away with your ‘HEAD held HIGH!’