Don’t talk about instant noodles!

But why not?

The much talked about topic on social media and internet ... the dark side…how harmful it is and so on. (I agree)

To be honest, we do consume it at some point of time and many kids love it Including mine; that makes it difficult to say a complete ‘No’

I would love to make them from scratch (still in the process) though here’s what I did instead of serving it plain with the seasoning that includes MSG!

Hey Nazia! Where are the ingredients?

Well, let’s not go the conventional way. Choose your own ingredients, folks!

All you need is…
Boiled instant noodles
Choice of veggies, sauces and seasoning 

Don’t forget a dash of your creativity!

I’ve added a combination of little sesame, olive and chili oil with manchurian spices, sweet soya sauce topped with roasted peanuts, spring onions and egg.

Have Fun!