Rendezvous at Richard's Park!

Partying hard and waking up late during vacation is not Me!

I am an early bird who enjoys chirping, flying high and feeling refreshed visiting the artistic environment around. Surprisingly, one such destination has been “Richard’s park” in Bangalore. It's truly a visual treat where one witnesses people from all walks of life. Some brisk, clumping, trudging, jogging, cracking jokes, nudging each other and others to themselves looking for tranquillity.

It was on one such occasion when I met a group of women (30 members) who swept me off my feet.

“Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward” - Soeren Kierkegaard

“Life is too important to be taken seriously” – a similar line used by Oscar Wilde in his play

These quotes are apt for those gorgeous ladies who love life, companionship and good health. They inspired me with their work out regime that involved a warm-up, aerobics, yoga and above all the “Laughter club”.
I loved their punch line that goes… “we must, we must, we must increase our b_ _ t” 

A fond memory with them was a day when we finished our calisthenics, giggles and group images, walked down to the entrance to buy fresh bhaji (greens) from men and women eagerly waiting to sell near the footpath and then heading off to their favourite restaurant MTR (very popular in Bangalore) for a scrumptious breakfast, an outing they look forward to, every Saturday. Sounds more like a “BUDDY DATE” right?

“Senior Citizens” would be an understatement for them who know how to live their life. They can give anybody a run for their money. They made me realize how important it is to live life to its fullest because it happens “ONLY ONCE”!

Sharing their confessions!

I love to come to Richards park as it gives a refreshing start to my day as we all gather here to meet our friends and exercise together. It’s lovely to see much greenery in the morning which is a treat to the eyes and the fresh morning air makes us all feel very good. - Buela

I love the fresh air in the park.I love to walk, talk, laugh and enjoy with my park friends under the name “Laughing Club” – Nageen Begum

Of course, I want to be fit and besides that love to meet my friends, laugh with them, float jokes and leave with a positive vibe. – Rizwana Gowher

I come to the park to become fit, I love to laugh and enjoy my friend’s company. They miss me when I am not around. – Shahida