Shared Experiences

It was a wonderful class. Learnt some Chinese words. Liked the fried ice cream. Nazia makes the class livelier and more interesting with some great information that she shares.

Narjesene Rasheed

It is an amazing learning experience. Goes without saying, beautifully executed and lovely presentation and of course -hats off to the taste and perfection. Chef and host – A GREAT JOB!

Tarannum Junaid

Loved it! Restaurant style yet simple recipes that can be easily duplicated at home. Absolutely enjoyable and educational experience. Kudos to Nazia our very gracious and knowledgeable host and Chef Rajender who was patient and efficient. Thank you very much.

Nina Sethna

Always a pleasure to be a part of Munch Mondays. Enjoyed the class very much, learnt a few Chinese phrases too. The best part was how easy it was to make one of my favourite desserts! The starter too was very easy and had a wow factor to it at the end.

Andrea Lobo